Use the Library


Desktop computers with Internet access and various software are available to students, faculty, and community members at both campuses. Visit the main desk if you require assistance logging in.

Printers/Copy Machines 

Available on both floors of the library, students may access print/copy functions with their Student ID. Staff may access with their Employee ID. General public will need to request access.  

Computer Lab

Technology Center, T215H
The Computer Lab on the main floor of the library is managed by Supplemental Instruction. When not being used for Supplement Instruction sessions, the computer lab is available for general use.


Gain an understanding of our print and digital collections here.

WiFi Access

LLC spaces have high-speed WiFi access for all. Individuals with an Student or Staff ID can connect to โ€œLWTechโ€ and visiting individuals can connect to โ€œLWTech-Visitors.โ€

Study Rooms 

The library has reservable private and group study spaces. These may be reserved online.