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How long can books from the regular collection be checked out?

Books from the regular collection are checked out for the quarter. All books are due back at the end of the quarter.

How long may Reserve books be checked out? Can they leave the Library?

Reserve books are checked out for two hour library-use only and may not leave the library (with a few exceptions).

How long can DVDs be checked out?

DVDs with a red dot on the spine may be checked out for seven days. DVDs without a red dot are for two hour library-use only and may not leave the library.

Are there laptops available for student use?

The library has laptops/netbooks available for students for three hour library-use only checkout.

How can I reserve a study room?

Please see Study Room Reservation for information.

Are there bathrooms in the library?

No. The closest bathrooms just outside the upper floor entrance of the library, near the IT and eLearning offices.

May food and drink be brought into the library?

Yes, as long as you clean up after yourself.

May food and drink be brought into the Computer Lab?

No food is allowed in the Computer Lab, but bringing drinks is permissible.

Can I print from my laptop?

No. You must print from a library computer.