Managing Email Rules in Webmail

Getting emails that you don’t want to see? You can set up “rules” in Outlook to automatically send these messages to another folder if you wish. This is a simple way to clear clutter or unwanted emails from your inbox.

  1. Login to webmail - on the LWTech homepage, hover over Students and under Access, select Webmail. Use your student email and password to login
    Screenshot of LWTech's website Students dropdown menu
  2. Once logged in, click the Settings (or gear) icon in the top-right corner
    Screenshot of settings button in webmail
  3. A dialogue box will appear. On the left-side menu, navigate to Mail and then Rules
    Screenshot of Rules link in side pane
  4. Select Add new rule.
    Add new rule plus button
  5. Create your rule by naming it, then putting your conditions. The conditions could be things like
    1. From a specific sender or specific email address
    2. Email subject contains keywords
    3. Message body includes keywords
    4. Received before or after a specified time
    5. Note: You can also add more than one condition (example: if sender is AND subject contains “cool”, proceed to Outlook action).
  6. Then add your action. This action will apply to any email that meets your condition. Options include:
    1. Deleting
    2. Moving to a different folder (we suggest creating folders within your inbox if you want to keep emails organized)
    3. Mark as read (instead of unread)
    4. Mark as junk (we encourage you to not mark emails from LWTech offices as junk as they may have important information for you as a student)
    5. Note: If you are creating more than one rule, you will need to determine if any of the rules contradict another. If they do, you want to check the stop processing more rules check box. If you create only one rule, you do not need to worry about this box.
      Rules setup page for naming it, adding a condition, and actions
  7. Once you’ve set your rule, click Save.