Change Your LWTech Password

LWTech Password Reset Directions

  1. Open the Password Reset Tool in your browser.
    LWTech password reset tool
  2. Enter your 9 digit LionsLink/ctcLink ID number from your welcome email. If you don't know your LWTech ID number, use the ID Lookup Tool.
    1. Please note: If you already have a ctcLink ID number from another college in Washington State, you DO NOT need to receive a new number.
      Student ID Number field
  3. Enter the cell phone number OR the secondary email address you have registered in LionsLink/ctcLink.
    1. Please note: Follow the directions Update Contact Information (Email/Phone) in your LionsLink Account if you need to update this information.
      Fields to enter cellphone or secondary email address as listed in LionsLink
  4. Once you have entered your Student ID number and secondary information, select the Submit button.
    Password reset page with the Submit button located at the bottom
  5. The following page will ask you to enter the token that was sent to either your phone or email. 
    1. Please note: The number you entered must be able to receive SMS text messages to receive the token to reset your password.
      Password reset page where you enter a token
  6. You will be prompted to set a new password. Once you enter the password twice, select Submit. You have now successfully set a new password.
    Create a new password page

Additional Troubleshooting Tips for Resetting your Password

  • Please make sure you are using your new student ID number (will start with a 1 or 2). 
  • Make sure that the number you are using can receive SMS text messages. 
  • Check that the email you are trying to use is your secondary email address in LionsLink. 

If you are still having issues setting your password, please contact the Help Desk

Update Contact Information (Email/Phone) in your LionsLink Account

Please note: Your LionsLink/ctcLink account will need to be activated before you can update your contact information. Activation directions can be found in the how-to guide Activate Your LionsLink Account on the students LionsLink page. 

View Update Contact Information (Address, Phone Number, and Email) in Full Screen 

Abbreviated Instructions (Student View)

  • Click ‘My Profile’.
  • Click sub-menu, ‘Contact Info’
  • Click on ‘Add Address’, ‘Add Phone’ or ‘Add Email’ to update.
  • Click on ‘Save’ after each change.

Continue for detailed instructions. 

Step 1 (Student View)

On the LionsLink Portal (, click on ‘ctcLink Login’.

Step 2 

Enter your ‘ctcLink ID’ number and ‘Password’. Then click on the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you forgot your password, click on ‘Password Help’ to reset it. Additional directions can be found in the Reset Your LionsLink Account Password tutorial. 

Step 3

On the left side navigation bar, click ‘My Profile’.

In the newly appeared dropdown, select ‘Contact Info’.

Step 4

Use the three options for address, phone, or email to update.

  • Click on ‘Add Address’
  • Click on ‘Add Phone Number’.
  • Click on ‘Add Email’.

Step 5

Click ‘Save’ after each change. Mark the ‘Preferred’ box to choose the information as your default option.

Tip: If you only have one email, it will automatically be the preferred option.

Step 6

Review your changes in the ‘Contact Info’ tab.