Logging Into Canvas

Getting to Canvas

  1. Open a browser (Note: Firefox and Chrome work best).
  2. Go to LWTech.edu
  3. Hover over the Students tab at the top.
  4. Look below the Access heading in the dropdown menu. Select Canvas.
    Link to Canvas from the LWTech website under the student tab.

Logging In

At the Canvas login window, type in:

  1. Your student email address (s-first.last@lwtech.edu). Select Next.
    • Note: If you do not know your student email address, call the IT Help Desk at (425) 739-8100 x8603. Please be ready will your LionsLink number so that we can verify your identity.
    • Note: The login format for employees is first.last@lwtech.edu.
      Canvas sign in screen
  2. Next, enter your LWTech password. Select Verify.
    1. Note: If you do not remember your password, please follow the password reset directions.
      Enter password and verify
  3. You will be on the Verify with your phone page. Select Receive a code via SMS to receive a text message with a code. 
    1. Note: If you are not able to receive text messages on your phone, you can select Receive a voice call instead to receive a phone call with the code.
      Receive a code via SMS button Receive a voice call instead hyperlink
  4. Then enter the code you receive on your phone from the text message or voice call. Select Verify.
    1. Note: If the last 4-digits of your phone number are not correct or the phone is no longer in use, please reach out to the Help Desk to reset your account.
      Box to enter code and verify button
    2. Note: If you do not see the verification option you would like to use select the Verify with something else hyperlink at the bottom. Then any additional verification options you have set up will be available for selection, such as YubiKey or Okta verify. Full directions for signing in with a YubiKey or Okta Verify are available on Setting Up LWTech Okta.
      Verify with something else hyperlink Additional verification options such as YubiKey

After Logging In

  1. Click the Sign in button. This will either take you to the:
    • Terms of Service window
    • Stay signed in window
    • Canvas window

Terms of Service Window

If you get the Update Terms of Service window: Read the Terms of Service and decide if you want to select the I Agree check box and click on the Submit button.
Screenshot of Updated Terms of Service Canvas window

Stay Signed In Window

If you get the Stay signed in? window IT Services suggests: Select the Donโ€™t show this again check box and click the No button.

If you agreed to the Terms of Services, you should now be logged into Canvas.
Screenshot of Stay signed in? Window

Canvas Window

Congratulations, you are logged in to Canvas! If you have additional questions, you can learn more about Canvas on the e-Learning page.

Screenshot of Canvas dashboard