Student Suggestion Responses

Current Student Suggestions

These are suggestions the ASG team is currently working. To suggest other ideas, please visit the ASG suggestion box page.

I have a suggestion that the campus should be more inclusive to allergies and food restrictive people. I am a vegan and when I went to LWTech I was hungry throughout most days because the snack area does not provide vegan food besides small fruit snacks. I would love to see the school be more inclusive to teens and adults with food allergies/restrictions. Yes I could just go out to eat somewhere between classes but I can’t drive yet which leaves me to find something on campus to eat. The restaurant only provides small options like fries and jackfruit sandwich that is vegan which is super! The bakery I’ve seen is not inclusive at all with their options. Hopefully this goes into consideration!

I would love to see the gym open up rather than closed off to every student and staff member. There’s so many athletes, girls and boys who love to workout and train that in between classes, before or after they should be allowed to have access during the day to do so! I heard the fitness program is shutting down and it’s such a shame because this program could of been the most profitable program of the school if the college just did a better job of advertising and having the gym open on campus to every staff and student instead of restricting it. (Talking about pre-covid times)

Due to the Delta Variant I find it important for the college campus to offer students the chance to attend classes virtually instead of forcing us to go in person without social distancing and allowing people to opt out of vaccination unless they are allergic to the vaccines. Offering the option to attend class through zoom instead of forcing students to attend in person. Also implementing social distancing again. Fighting for students to have options during this pandemic to make them feel safe. I am one of many students that don’t want to go in person yet because of possibly falling ill and missing work, harming young family members that can’t be vaccinated, & others in general.

Some teachers need a Canvas and personal Computer/zoom tutorial.
Students shouldn't need to solve technical issues for them.
On a similar note....Sometime around start of class, it should be checked that all teachers have published the Modules and fixed the dates. Having missing sections, incorrect assignments and due dates, copy/pasted calendars with wrong zoom info, etc... can be very stressful on students

We really need better advisors. Mine hardly replies and is hard to get a hold of.

Please be responsive to your e-mails, even in between quarters. It shows care and professionalism.

Full access to the gym for cheap and not 200$ per quarter. Maybe 30$ per month. 

more coffee options and snacks that are open until 9 pm.

For out college to join the ROTC program that the military offers. About all of the big colleges in our are in this program. ROTC pays for college for all those who are accepted even if they don't wish to serve. It teaches leadership, drives, and basic military training. All for free on the student's part. 

I would like the fitness center to reopen this fall if possible! If there can be a reservation or booking system to ensure limited capacity and safety standards during covid that would be great. It is important for my mental and physical well being to remain fit, and being able to access this amenity would be very beneficial.

Past Student Suggestions and Resolutions

Students make outstanding contributions to LWTech by making suggestions. Students do not always let ASG know who they are so ASG cannot get back to them about actionable items. In the effort to be transparent and let students know about how ASG addresses student suggestions you can see them here. If you have any thoughts about making suggestions do not hesitate. Visit the ASG Suggestions page and complete the form. It goes to the ASG Advisor and is passed to the ASG Executive Board. Suggestions can be on anything you care about. Just let your ASG Team know.

Microwave Cleanliness

Spring Quarter 2018

Suggestion: "The Microwave's doors & Handles are filthy. They need to be wiped down daily to reduce cross contamination with food. This is a health safety Issue. The cafeteria area - if you look above at the air ducts and tubing - their covered with dust over our eating areas. These need to be regularly maintained - to improve indoor air quality, and reduce particle contaminates coming in contact with our food. Public Schools, Community Colleges and University's all have: Water Filtration Fountains - a water bottle refillable source connected with water fountains in cafeterias. This green addition would reduce the amount of plastic waste disposal produced by students and faculty, making a larger green impact."

Response: The microwaves were cleaned and a weekly schedule was developed for cleaning. Also, cleaning supplies were put out for students to use to clean up messes.


In Class Recordings

Spring Quarter 2019

Suggestion: "Getting instructors to record their class sessions. It doesn't take any extra time outside of the classroom. Can just screen & audio record and upload to YouTube. Would be EXTREMELY helpful for our learning experience. The Seattle colleges use this method for their classes and it has dramatically helped students."

Response: After researching this possibility, the unfortunate answer is that faculty have the flexibility to determine how they want to run their class, including whether or not they record the session. It is suggested that students talk with their professor and ask about the possibility of recording the class session.


Do Something About Smoking Litter

Summer Quarter 2014 

ASG was presented with a suggestion about banning on-campus smoking because of health issues and litter. A survey was taken of students (n=46) and little headway was attained. Students did not report having much of an issue with smoking litter and there was no support for banning on-campus smoking. 

Data are available in Student Programs, in East Building, E 128.


Get a Refrigerator

Summer Quarter 2015

A student suggested that ASG get a refrigerator because "they were poor and we don't serve Filipino food".

Unfortunately, purchasing and managing a refrigerator to stock it for this specific purpose is not possible. It violates gifting of state resources laws.


Star Wars Day

Fall Quarter 2015

"During finals--Have a Star Wars day. Invite Storm Trooper from the 501st (Reenactors) to"garrison" the school for he Empire. Dec 18th is the premier of the new movie!"

Unfortunately ASG is unable to fulfill this request.



Fall Quarter 2015

"Return your email w/in one week...still waiting post a phone number online post an email online on website. I've been by 3 times in 2 weeks no one is ever here & no posted office hours."

We are sorry to have inconvenienced you. Sometimes schedules get very busy. We will endeavor to be more available to answer questions. 


Coffee Stand Quality

Fall Quarter 2015

"The coffee stand sucks. The coffee is never strong and far to expensive. I do not understand why LWIT does not have a coffee stand with a better quality product. As a student, I have limited funds. When I choose to treat myself after a test of completion of a paper my option on campus should not be a super sh***y coffee stand."



Food Quality

Fall Quarter 2015

"Have better food in cafeteria"

Several attempts were made by ASG to engage cafeteria staff and discuss food issues. Unfortunately, there was little response from the cafeteria staff or interest in talking with ASG about this suggestion.


Study Rooms

Fall Quarter 2015

"Make more study rooms"

Unfortunately it is difficult to make more space on campus. 


Library Hours

Fall Quarter 2015

"Make the library close @ 10:00 pm"

Unfortunately, library staffing is limited and students cannot make adjustments to the staffing schedule. However, at the end of the quarter, students can take advantage of the extended hours during the end of quarter finals study time. Visit the college's online calendar to learn more about when these dates are scheduled for the quarter.