Associated Student Government Officers

Executive Officers are enrolled students who create an exceptional student experience through governance, representation and committee management. Contact officers to learn more about being a student at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, if you have an idea for a student event or activity, or if you have a concern related to your LWTech education.

Current Officers and Contact Information

2023-2024 Officer Team

To contact any officer, please stop by East Building, E126, call (425) 739-8314, or email

Sydney is a running start student studying general courses.

Ilai is a running start student through Lake Washington High School. Ilai is working on achieving a degree on illustration. Born in Finland, Ilai fluently speaks two languages. They are also in the process of teaching themselves two other languages. In middle school Ilai participated in the WEB leading program. On my free time Ilai works at a scout camp. These past two summers Ilai was a part of a team that was responsible for preparing meals for 50-70 people.

Highly qualified and goal-focused project leaders and manager with over 5 years of experience being responsible for planning, directing or coordinating one or more projects focusing on gender and youth development. Naomi is eager to take up a role where she will have the opportunity to offer proven leadership skills, decision-making, and negotiation skills. Naomi is well conversant in ensuring a positive impact for all participants and driving innovation and learning .

Modu is 19 years of age and from Gambia located in West Africa and came to the United States in December of 2021. This is Modu's second quarter in LWTech. His major in LWTech is software development, ever since he was a child he remembers clearly that I was into technology. Growing up in a family that loved technology and have the awareness of it, it was no surprise to me that he would also be involved in technology. Modu's hobbies are playing soccer, watching tech video and reading novels.