Worker Retraining



The Worker Retraining program at LWTech provides funding and support for eligible dislocated and unemployed workers in training or retraining that will assist them in regaining employment. 

Students in Worker Retraining may receive:

  • Tuition assistance (awards are dependent on funding availability)
  • Funding for books and supplies (awards are dependent on funding availability)
  • Career and educational advising and planning
  • Priority registration
  • Assistance completing the CAT/TB application and navigating Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits 


You may be eligible to participate in the Worker Retraining program at LWTech if you are:

  • A laid-off worker who is collecting, or has exhausted, unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in the past 48 months 
  • A person who is unemployed or under-employed, who was primarily supported by another household member, and that support is no longer available (also referred to as displaced homemaker)
  • Previously self-employed and closed your business due to economic conditions
  • A person vulnerable to lay off, who needs training to stay employed, and hasn't earned a certificate or degree (awards are dependent on funding availability and program guidelines)
  • A military veteran who was discharged in the past 48 months (qualifies for book assistance)
  • Active duty military with separation orders (qualifies for book assistance)

And you: 

  • Are enrolled in a professional/technical program at the certificate, Associate, or Bachelor level, and/or basic skills courses (ABED, ELL, HS+)
  • Are not enrolled in a DTA program

How to Apply

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