Financial Aid


The Financial Aid office helps students seeking financial assistance meet their educational expenses at LWTech. Students need not be low income to qualify for some types of financial assistance. Students may apply for most types of financial aid by completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid, see information below).

Virtual Financial Aid Lobby via Zoom

Current and prospective students will have the opportunity to speak with a Financial Aid Specialist without an appointment during virtual drop-in Lobby Hours held on Zoom. This is designed for questions that can be addressed in 15 minutes or less. Examples of questions appropriate for Zoom sessions are as follows:

  1. Help with navigating our webpage or companion webpages (i.e.,
  2. Assistance or clarification on completing forms
  3. Single item FAFSA or WASFA help (please note that due to the length of the FAFSA/WASFA application, we are unable to assist with the entire application process).

For current students, please view the How to Use the Financial aid Student Portal video before joining a Zoom session.

Customer Service Hours

Zoom Information

Zoom Link

Using Zoom

  • Zoom can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone or you can call in.
  • Zoom does not require registering for an account.
  • Visit or Zoom help and how-tos for more information and help videos. 

Apply Early

Because the FAFSA must be submitted each academic year (summer through spring), it is advised that students apply as soon as possible after October 1, before the year they will be attending LWTech (for example October 1, 2020 for attending during the 2021-2022 academic year). The Application Process page has detailed information on how to apply for financial aid. 

Apply by or before the priority deadline date for the quarter you wish to attend. See above for current processing times.

Supporting Documentation

If a Financial Aid staff member asked for additional paperwork to process your application, you can submit that documentation here. You will be asked to login using your LWTech email and password.

Submit Supporting Documentation Online

Email Notifications

Financial Aid sends notices and communications by email to your LWTech e-mail address. If you want to opt out of electronic communications, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


Financial Aid FAQs

Please refer to the Aid Disbursement for more information.

If your projected income for last year will be substantially reduced as compared to your income from the previous year, you may submit a Request for Reevaluation for the current academic year, along with supporting documentation noted on the form.

The federal government and the Department of Education determine the process used to calculate a student's eligibility. The student's and their spouse's income (or parent's income, if the student is considered a dependent student by federal guidelines) from 2019 (for the 2021/2020 year) is used as the basis for determining a student's "EFC" or Expected Family Contribution. This figure helps determine the need and amount of aid a student may receive. If a student feels their financial circumstances have changed significantly from the preceding year (i.e. loss of job, etc.) the student should contact the Financial Aid office.

Tax Credit Eligibility

The federal government allows you to claim tax credits for certain educational expenses through programs known as the Lifetime Learning tax credit and the American Opportunity tax credit. After the end of each tax year, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) sends the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form 1098-T to students who may qualify for federal tax credits. The form lists out-of-pocket tuition and related expenses.

It is the responsibility of the student or other taxpayer to determine actual eligibility for tax credits. 

As a college, we cannot provide you with tax advice. You may wish to find out if you might be eligible by reading information on these websites:

You may also wish to consult the IRS or a tax accountant for help. Your own check receipts, credit card statements, or copies of receipts showing tuition and fees paid at the time you registered may support your claim.

Verifying the Amount of Your Qualifying Expenses

You can view your IRS form 1098-T statement [student ID and PIN required] online starting at the end of January each year.

However, the form that is printed and mailed to you may not reflect up-to-date information on student loans or other data.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to double-check the dollar amount on the 1098-T form.

Some students may be eligible for emergency funding if an unexpected circumstance or event financially makes it difficult to attend classes. Please visit the Financial Aid form webpage to apply.