Primary Name


Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) recognizes that usage of primary names, whenever possible, is key to creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students. A primary name, sometimes referred to as preferred name, is a first name that students can designate to be used instead of a legal first name. Students may opt to use a primary name, however it is not required. Currently, students are able to request that the college update their LWTech email address and Canvas display name to reflect a primary name. It is important to note that making these changes to the student email address and Canvas display name is not the same as a legal name change through a court system.

Set Your Preferred Name

View Update Contact Information and Preferred First Name Guide in Full Screen 

Abbreviated Instructions (Student View)

  • Click ‘My Profile’.
  • Click sub-menu, ‘Biographical Information’
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click ‘Add Name’.
  • Add additional information as needed.
  • Make sure to save before quitting or logging out.

Continue for detailed instructions. 

Step 1 (Student View)

On the LionsLink Portal (, click on ‘ctcLink Login’.

Step 2 

Enter your ‘ctcLink ID’ number, and click on the ‘Next’ button. Then enter your ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Step 3

On the left side navigation bar, click ‘My Profile’.

In the newly appeared dropdown, select ‘Biographical Information’.

Step 4

Click ‘Add Name’. Then click on ‘Preferred’.

Step 5

Fill out information fields and click ‘Save’.

Only first name and last names are required information fields.

Step 6

Use the three options for address, phone, or email to update.

  • Click on ‘Add Address’
  • Click on ‘Add Phone Number’.
  • Click on ‘Add Email’. 

Step 7

Click ‘Save’ after each change. Mark the ‘Preferred’ box to choose the information as your default option.

Step 8

Review your changes in the ‘General Info’ tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my legal name be used?

Your legal name will be used in business processes and other activities that require use of a legal name. These include:

  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • International Students Documentation
  • Financial Aid Records
  • Student Employment Records
  • Federal Requests for Information
  • National Student Clearinghouse

If I changed my legal name, how do I update my personal information record as a student at LWTech?

Please file an Information Change Form to change your legal name as a student at LWTech. The form can be found on the LWTech Registration & Enrollment Services Forms page

What if I feel unsafe or discriminated against at LWTech?

If at any time you feel unsafe or think or feel that you have been discriminated against by faculty, staff, or other students at LWTech, we encourage you to file a report through our online reporting form.