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As part of the School of Design & Applied Arts, the Environmental Horticulture Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology provides high quality instruction and hands-on learning experiences in the field of horticulture. Students complete the program ready to compete for jobs in beautiful gardens, greenhouses, plant nurseries and landscape design firms. This includes working in landscape maintenance, landscape design, greenhouse growing, retail and wholesale nurseries and more. Students will have a broad base of knowledge and practical experiences as they learn what it takes to be an industry leader, use critical thinking skills and understand sustainable horticultural practices.

Students at LWTech can earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, a Certificate of Proficiency, a Midpoint Certificate, or a Growing Certificate. Core horticulture classes for either degree can be completed in four quarters. This is a cohort program by design, which allows students to follow the same classmates and instructor together until graduation. The cohort program provides a unique opportunity for students at LWTech to build a tight-knit network of like-minded professional horticulturists. 

Don't have time for the entire program? Try the Growing Certificate!

 In just 8 months, gain the skills you need to grow plants in a busy greenhouse environment. Learn about plant propagation, pest management, lighting, fertilization, and plant and soil science. Learn in a hands-on, real-world setting about the production and care of plants in two large professional greenhouses. To find out more contact Chris Smith.

Additional Environmental Horticulture Program Information

  •  Enviornmental Horticulture Program Admission Dates
    • Fall Quarter
    • Winter Quarter
    • Spring Quarter
    • Summer Quarter
  • Enviornmental Horticulture Program Class Format
    • 100% on campus

Entry into Environmental Horticulture program requires completion of the general online application.

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The Environmental Horticulture program offers onsite courses four days a week, six hours a day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not offer every course each quarter. It is the student's responsibility to consult the Class Schedule and work out an individual schedule with an advisor or counselor. Any developmental coursework a student might be required to complete may increase the program length.

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