Engineering Transfer

The field of Engineering combines math, science, and technology to solve real-world problems and optimize everyday processes. Our Engineering Transfer program offers three future-oriented, transfer-ready Associate in Science Transfer (AS-T) degrees that prepare students for a variety of engineering careers.

Engineering Transfer Pathways

There are three Engineering Transfer degrees offered at LWTech with a focus on specific engineering fields:

These pathways follow the statewide transfer agreements for Engineering Transfer associate degree programs.

Flexible Scheduling

LWTech is committed to meeting our student’s needs. We offer many options for courses to accommodate our student’s busy schedules. There are day, night, hybrid, and online options for math, science, and other general education courses. Students should meet with the Engineering Transfer advisor to get guidance in registering for courses that fit their schedule.

Full-Time and Part-Time Options

Students in the Engineering program can enroll part-time or full-time. Students taking a full-time course load can earn their AS-T degree in two years. Our yearly cohort starts in the fall, but students can enroll at any point in the academic year in order to get started with their general education courses.

Hands-On Learning

Our Engineering Transfer degrees are built on LWTech’s signature coursework style of instructor-led, hands-on learning. LWTech's Engineering faculty have extensive teaching and industry experience. Students will learn using new materials testing equipment, advanced prototyping systems, CNC routers, laser cutters, electronic test equipment and more. Additionally, students have access to the LWTech Innovation Lab—our ‘Maker Space’ on campus where you can work on course assignments, develop prototypes, or work on your own technical projects. Equipment throughout the college is incorporated into the program, putting LWTech’s degree a cut above other two-year colleges.

Class Schedule

Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not offer every course each quarter. It is the student's responsibility to consult the Class Schedule and work out an individual schedule with the Engineering Transfer advisor. Any developmental coursework a student might be required to complete may increase the program length.

Get Started Today!

Entry into this program requires completion of an admissions application.

At LWTech, we welcome all students as an open enrollment college and we are committed to your inclusion at the college. The Engineering program of study leads to an industry or specific employers that may require a full or partial background check as well as a drug test before you start the job. 

Transferring: Washington State Bachelor Engineering Programs

In Washington state, there are numerous universities that offer engineering bachelor’s degree. LWTech Engineering Transfer students are encouraged to determine what their target bachelor’s degree program is to help plan their schedules accordingly with an LWTech advisor.

Students should contact their potential transfer institutions early in their program regarding:

  • The specific course choices in each area of the statewide agreement where options are listed (humanities, social sciences, electives)
  • Requirements for overall minimum college-level GPA, a higher GPA in a selected subset of courses, or a specific minimum grade in one or more courses such as math or English
  • Engineering major admission prerequisites

Where are LWTech Engineering Students Transferring?

At LWTech the Engineering Transfer program started in 2016. Engineering students have transferred to institutions within the statewide transfer agreement. They also transferred to institutions outside of the agreement. LWTech Engineering Students worked with their transfer institutions/programs and their LWTech transfer advisor to determine the LWTech coursework required for admission into their transfer institutions and major programs. This includes an understanding of GPA requirements for admission. Below is a list of programs and institutions that LWTech Engineering graduates transferred into:

  • Montana State University - Electrical Engineering
  • Eastern Washington University - Mechanical Engineering
  • Seattle Pacific University - Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Washington (Bothell) - Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Washington (Seattle) - Aeronautical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Washington State University (Everett) - Mechanical Engineering

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