Diversity and Social Justice Requirement


Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s mission is to prepare students for today's careers and tomorrow's opportunities. In today's culturally diverse global workforce, this mission goes beyond teaching our students the technical skills they will use in their industry. It is important that our students have the knowledge and skills that prepare them for the multicultural workspace they are entering and the broader communities in which they will live.

To help accomplish this mission, starting 2021-2022 academic year Lake Washington Institute of Technology began requiring a course on diversity and social justice for all students seeking a certificate of proficiency, an associate degree, or an applied bachelor's degree. The required course dives deep into concepts of diversity and social justice. This requirement does not add costs to degree requirements and no additional time is needed to meet degree requirements.

Students taking the Diversity and social justice classes, would be invited to choose from a variety of "DSJ" designated classes. The entire course will be dedicated to or contextualized around diversity and social justice. Some of the "DSJ" designated classes are technical classes, while others are General Education courses.

To be approved and designated as a Diversity and Social Justice course, student learning outcomes, and course content must satisfy four learning outcomes: One learning outcome that focuses on communication, one learning outcome that focuses on appreciating differences, and two learning outcomes that focus on Power, Privilege, Inequity. 

Understanding Diversity and Social Justice Requirements at LWTech


Approved Diversity and Social Justice Courses - 2023-2024

Below are lists of approved Diversity and Social Justice courses in general education and professional programs. Please note that not all the sections of these courses meet the Diversity Requirement. To choose sections that meet the diversity requirement, please use the “Diversity and Social Justice” course attribute value in the Class Schedule.

Department Course, Instructor
  • BIOL&100​, Amber Wyman​
  • BIOL&100​, Kimberly McClure​
  • BIOL&175​, Amber Wyman
  • BIOL&175​, Michael Rodriguez
  • BIOL311​, Barcin Acar​
  • CHEM&121​, Aurora Turgeon
  • ENVS&101, Richard Morgan​
  • NURT&101, Linda A Costarella
  • HUM215, Sharon Raz​
  • CMST280​, Christine Turpin​
  • CMST&210​, Hank Sitko​
  • ART&100​, Amber Chiozza
  • MATH&105​, Hector Valenzuela
  • MATH&107, Sherry McLean
  • MATH&146​, Arlene Pandey
  • MATH&146​, Hector Valenzuela
Social Science
  • CJ&101​, Lindsey Smith
  • POLS&202, Lindsey Smith
  • POLS&202, Ted Maloney
  • PSYC&100​​, Laura Toussaint
  • PSYC&100​​, Nomita Yadav
  • PSYC&100​​, Wendi Carter-Nancarrow
  • PSYC&200​, Joanne Bates
  • PSYC&200​, Sonny Campbell
  • PSYC&200​, Wendi Carter-Nancarrow
  • PSYC&220​, Sharon Raz​
  • PSYC324​, Sharon Raz
  • PSYC441​, Joanne Bates
  • SOC&101​, Laura Toussaint
  • SOC&101​, Nomita Yadav
  • SOC&101​, Wendi Carter-Nancarrow
  • ENGL&101, Johnny Calavitta
  • ENGL&101, Paul Redman
  • ENGL&101, Paul Redman, Wes Mantooth​, Rechelle Schimke​, Johnny Calavitta
  • ENGL&101, Wes Mantooth​
  • ENGL&101, Rechelle Schimke​
  • ENGL&102​, Wes Mantooth​
  • ENGL&102​, Johnny Calavitta​
  • ENGL&111​, Wes Mantooth​
  • ENGL&235​, Johnny Calavitta
  • ENGL93​, Paul Redman​
  • ENGL99​, Paul Redman​
Department Course, Instructor
Medical Assisting
  • MEDA119, Rebecca Carson 
Behavioral Health
  • BHAV222, Wendi Carter-Nancarrow
  • BHAV110, Wendi Carter-Nancarrow
  • BHAV412, Rex Rempel
  • BHAV111, Letha Fernandez
  • ​BHAV411, Vanessa Villavicencio
  • BHAV421, Vanessa Villavicencio
  • BHAV431, Vanessa Villavicencio
  • NURS111, Rebecca Talbot
  • NURS113, Amanda Ellis
  • NURS221, Anita Headlund
  • NURS135, Jodi Cooley
  • NURS139, Jodi Cooley​
Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • OTA110, Jenny Rogoff
Physical Therapy Assistant
  • PTA255, Molly Verschuyl
Funeral Services
  • FSE141, Erin Wilcox
Dental Hygeine
  • DHYG415, Danette Lindeman
Public Health
  • PUBH305 Morgan Flake
  • PUBH430, Shahida Rice​
Department Course, Instructor
Architectural Technology
  • ARCH100, Bob Mandy 
Baking Arts
  • BAKE109, Janet Waters
Business Technology
  • BTE191, Matthew Keigley
Computer Software Design
  • CSD298, Marcelo Guerra Hahn
Computer Security and Network Technology
  • CSNT115, Linda Epps
  • ART252, Ben Meyer
  • DSGN259, Karen Holum 
Early Childhood Education
  • ECED&105, Erin Vasishtah
  • ECED&105, Karin Navarro
  • EDUC140, Renee Almatierra
  • EDUC&150​, Erin Vasishtah
Digital Gaming & Interactive Media
  • GAME108​, Phil Trumbo
  • GAME108​, Ty Underwood
Human Resource Management
  • HRM203, Laura Biddle​
  • HRM215, Renee Mangini
  • HRM230​, Laura Biddle
  • HRM230​, Laura Southard
  • HRM240, Laura Southard
Welding Technology
  • WELD203, Katelyn Wyczalek
Department Course, Instructor
High School
  • ADHS 090, ​​Sean Marushia
  • ​HS+ AHSE 050, Lisa Carmack
  • HS+ AHSE 050, Maria Olivera-Deal

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Student Testimonials

"The diversity class that I’m taking has been a rich experience and opened my eyes to many things. In the past, I think I would have scrunched up my nose at the thought of taking such a class, to be perfectly honest, but I am thankful that I was put in the position to take it. The reading has opened my eyes and my heart to the world around me in a new, more mature way"

“Having the opportunity to learn about different cultures, groups, etc. helps me to be aware of differing perspectives, but also see parts of myself in other groups that I previously thought I had nothing in common with”.

“Finding commonality assists me in my studies because I'm going to interact with people from all different backgrounds. Having classes address diversity also gives me a platform to offer my unique perspective that the class members might not have talked about if I wasn't there”.

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