Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician


Lake Washington Institute of Technology Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician program graduates enjoy an elite status among industries requiring their skill. The Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program educates and mentors students in the latest technology, equipment, ideals, and fuel systems that power the diesel and heavy equipment industry today and in the future both close to home and at locations worldwide. It prepares students for lifelong learning and skill development, helps students realize their potential to be successful at their careers and improve our community, economy and environment.

The demand is high for competent and skilled technicians in the transportation industry, and numerous employment opportunities await the students who successfully complete any of the degree programs offered through LWTech's Transportation and Logistics program. Students receive the highest caliber of training and instruction in an environment that provides a unique opportunity to learn state-of-the-art skills.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a valid Washington State driver’s license to enroll in this program.

Entry into this program requires completion of an admissions application.