Ways We Partner With Community Organizations

As one of Washington state’s 34 community and technical colleges, Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s (LWTech) Behavioral Health and Social Services (BHAV) program works directly with local agencies, associations and companies to support the needs of our community.

The BHAV program would like to collaborate with King and Snohomish County’s behavioral health and social service organizations. These relationships are mutually enriching for service providers, their clients, LWTech students, and our faculty. Here are some of the ways we may be able to work together.

Some Ways We May Work Together


LWTech students can serve your organizations as volunteers. We may be able to direct motivated, educated, and talented people to your organizations. Our students want practical experience and ways to practice the skills they learn in our curriculum.

Hiring New Employees

Our students and graduates are often job applicants for the organizations in our area. Employers can post job openings to the college-wide job board. Program faculty can also direct appropriate students to organizations needing applicants. Let us know what you need.

Educate Your Clients

LWTech offers baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, certificate, high school completion, Basic Education for Adults, and English language studies for non-native speakers. We can help social service and behavioral health service recipients earn credentials and develop their knowledge and skills. The BHAV program is happy to receive referrals of those who are interested in joining our profession, especially those who have lived experience. College advisors are available to speak to those interested in our school.

Professional Development

We can help train your staff. Our faculty members are experienced clinicians and organizational leaders with decades of local experience. We may even be able to offer use of our state-of-the-art home and clinical office simulation labs.


Our faculty may also be able to provide some consultative support to agency leaders, to consider together ways to overcome agency challenges.


BHAV students complete internships in local treatment agencies. LWTech seniors complete 270-hour, nine month placements in local non-profit and governmental programs. Our sophomores have the option to engage in 60-hours/three months of service learning. We can develop roles that support both student learning and the organizations where they intern.

Guest Speaking Opportunities

Dozens of times per year we invite active professionals into our classrooms as guest speakers. They bring new energy and fresh perspectives. Agency personnel, meanwhile, have the opportunity to share their passion and wisdom with the next generation (and develop their teaching skills).

Filed Trip Exploration

We appreciate the opportunity to bring our students on field trips to local organizations. Students learn what real-world work looks like. Some become inspired to volunteer or work for those organizations.

Curriculum Input Opportunities

A volunteer Advisory Committee made up of community members meets quarterly to guide our program. Your agency’s personnel can offer input on our curriculum and education methods. We rely on our Advisors to keep us informed of changes and needs in our field.

Teach at LWTech

Experienced professionals can become adjunct instructors at LWTech. The best people to teach our students to work in social or behavioral health services are those with relevant experience.

Connect With Us

We look forward to the opportunity to connect with our colleagues “in the field.” Please contact program director Dr. Rex Rempel via email or by calling (206) 639-5625. You may also contact other faculty members for more information. We look forward to future collaborations.