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The Baking Arts program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Baking Arts, the Baking Arts Certificate of Proficiency, and Certificates of Completion that can be completed in two or three quarters. LWTech students enrolled in the program will have a fun and rich experience for learning and growing baking and entrepreneurship skills to prepare them for the culinary industry.

The Baking Arts AAS degree prepares graduates for employment opportunities in a professional pastry kitchen, bakeshop, or business with professional product lines. Students develop academic knowledge and occupational skills that are required for getting a job in the industry, career advancement and retention.

When students enroll in the Baking Arts program, they will:

  • Receive real-world industry job training
  • Gain production experience and build your work portfolio
  • Work in classrooms that are an actual working pastry cafe and bakery, open to the public
  • Learn skills in business management, nutrition and safety and sanitation
  • Take part in competitions
  • Get an American Culinary Federation (ACF) certification.

The program is certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Upon graduation, students will be eligible to receive their initial ACF certifications. This includes a certification as a Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®) in baking arts. Students will also get a valid Washington State Health Card. They will test for their Nationally recognized Serve Safe Certificate. required by many Puget Sound employers.

After completion of their AAS degree or certificates at LWTech, graduates will be prepared for employment in a variety of food service settings. Past LWTech graduates work at leading local and national businesses. These include Pie Wine Bar, Sweet life Bakery, Dawns Candy and Cake, Farine, Fonté Coffee Bar, Shaniz Bakery, French Bakery, NY Cupcakes, Deru Market, Instore Bakeries, Lavish Roots Catering, at Facebook, and many others.

Baking Arts, Certificate of Proficiency

The Baking Arts Specialty Baking Certificate of Proficiency prepares students for entry level employment with a good foundation for job advancement. Students will be prepared for employment opportunities in commercial kitchens, in-store bakeries, baking and catering operations with a focus on production, dietary diversity, cakes, breads and doughs, sugar, and chocolate work. 

Additional Baking Arts Program Information

  • Baking Arts Program Admission Dates
    • Fall Quarter
    • Spring Quarter
  • Baking Arts Program Class Format
    • Hybrid (part of class time on-campus, part online)

Supported certificate(s):

I-BEST Support in Baking Arts

Discover the advantages of I-BEST support for students pursuing the Baking Skills Certificate of Completion. Our comprehensive program provides in-class assistance in various areas, including writing, math, notetaking, presentation skills, study techniques, and career readiness.

What is I-BEST?

At LWTech, I-BEST classes are uniquely structured with TWO instructors in ONE classroom. One instructor is a Professional-Technical or General Education faculty member, while the other specializes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) or English Language Learning (ELL). This collaborative approach ensures that I-BEST students receive exceptional attention and support throughout their classes. With this additional academic assistance, our I-BEST classes yield remarkable student success rates, allowing them to commence their certificate programs earlier, complete their degrees faster, and acquire the necessary education for pursuing their desired careers.

To discover more about I-BEST and connect with a knowledgeable advisor, please visit our dedicated I-BEST webpage.

General Admission Information

Entry into the Baking Arts program requires completion of LWTech's online application.

Additional Admission Considerations

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Baking Arts Program Mission

We are the future bakers, pastry chefs, cake stylists, chocolatiers and sugar artists of the industry. We strive to prepare our students for industry with skills and opportunities, while creating positive experiences and lifelong curiosities in learning.


The Baking Arts program is accredited through the American Culinary Federation.

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