Applied Bachelor's Degrees

Many associate degree programs offered at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) are designed to prepare students for careers and to continue their education. Many students transfer after earning their associate degree at LWTech to colleges and universities to complete their bachelor's degree. Students also have the option to stay at LWTech to complete their applied bachelor's degree. Currently LWTech offers applied bachelor's degrees in 11 fields. More are coming soon! Take a look and explore our current degree programs.

BAS Degrees at LWTech

Non-Matriculated Status

Request Non-matriculated Status

The following procedures and guidelines can be found in the Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter 5, Student Services, in section the 5.P.02 Admission, under Procedures, Forms, and Documents.

Non-matriculated status is designed for students who want to take upper division courses for credit:

  1. Without earning a degree or certificate.
  2. Before deciding whether or not to apply to the program in the future.

When enrolled under a non-matriculated status:

  1. Students cannot earn a degree or certificate.
  2. A grade is earned and full credit awarded and recorded on the LWTech transcript.
  3. Earned credits may transfer to other institutions.

If non-matriculated students decide to seek regular admission to the program, they must complete all steps in the admission process and will be evaluated and ranked equally with all other applicants. Non-matriculated status does not guarantee future admission to the program.

Non-Matriculated Status: How to Enroll

The student is responsible for:

  1. Receiving written permission (either via email or a signature on a registration form) from both the program dean or associate dean and the faculty member for the class.
  2. Bringing the signed registration form (or attaching the email to a registration form) to the Enrollment Services Office in West 201 between the first and fifth business day of the quarter (If the dean and faculty member grant permission to add the class earlier than the first day of the quarter, they will have both specified this in writing via email and this will be honored by the Enrollment Services Office).
  3. Paying all tuition and fees before the fifth business day of the quarter.

Limits on Non-Matriculated Enrollment

Requests for non-matriculated enrollment are considered on a space-available basis after all on-time and complete matriculated applicants have been reviewed.

Non-matriculated students cannot register until the first day of classes. Consequently, class selection may be limited.

If a student is then accepted into a matriculated status at LWTech, up to 15 credits earned as a non-matriculated student may be applied to degree or certificate requirements.

Non-matriculated Status: Exception to GPA requirements for Non-matriculated Students

Students who take the maximum 15 credits of classes in non-matriculated status that can be counted towards degree or certificate requirements AND earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 across those 15 credits may be exempted from the minimum 2.5 GPA requirement to be eligible to apply to a baccalaureate program. Please contact the Enrollment Services Office for more information.