Program FAQs

Why study Accounting?

Accounting is "the language of business" since all business people use it to communicate. Wherever there are businesses, there are accountants. All business organizations, non-profits, and government entities need accurate accounting records. Accounting is currently a high-demand career in the Seattle area and beyond. In fact, accounting jobs are available in almost every U.S. city, large or small.

The Accounting program gives students a broad business education. People who study accounting at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) can excel in a variety of careers, anywhere from accounting clerks to chief executive officers (CEOs). Students may find jobs as private accountants, certified public accountants (CPAs), tax specialists, auditors, governmental accountants, financial planners, estate planners, full-charge bookkeepers and forensic accountants, just to name a few. Forensic accounting is the study of fraudulent financial activity where the forensic accountant reviews, records, and provides evidence for criminal prosecution. In addition, many people who plan on starting a business take accounting classes so they know how to accurately track accounting information. Accounting classes can help business owners and entrepreneurs run an efficient business while maximizing profitability.

Accounting careers lead to well-paying jobs. According to, the median salary for Accountant I in Seattle was $51,212 in December 2015. With 2-4 years of experience (Accountant II), the median salary jumps to nearly $62,000. More CEOs have degrees in accounting than any other area of study. According to CNBC, CEOs of Standard & Poor's 500 companies had an average total compensation of $22,600,000 in 2014. 

When can I begin this program and what are the requirements to apply?

You can start in fall, winter, or spring quarter. The only requirement for this program is an application for admissions to LWTech.

How do I update or change my program of study?

Submit a Change of Program form to the Enrollment Services office, West Building, W201. You can obtain this form from the Enrollment Services office. 

Where are my classes located?

All of the accounting classes have an online option, but several have a face-to-face option. The face-to-face classes are at the Kirkland main campus, located at 11605 132nd Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Who is my faculty advisor?

Your faculty advisor is generally a faculty member in your program. The Accounting faculty advisor is Rex Jacobsen

What is the cost for the degree or certificate program?

You can find the estimated program costs on the LWTech Estimated Program Tuition page.

What classes should I take first?

You  can use the suggested course sequence worksheet to guide you with your courses. You should plan to take your prerequisites first, before enrolling in your class. For example, the prerequisites for ACCT 111 are ENGL 093 (or equivalent placement score for ENGL 099 or higher) and ABED 040 (or equivalent placement score for MATH 087 or higher).

Can I transfer my credits from another college toward this program?

Yes, technical and general education credits from another college can be applied to the Accounting program. You must submit an official transcript from your previous college or university to the Enrollment Services office, West Building, W201. Please visit Transfer to LWTech for more information.

Can I substitute some classes?

Yes, however all course substitutions must be approved by the faculty advisor and the dean of the program. You can obtain a Course Substitution form online or from the Enrollment Services, West Building, W201.

What if I do not meet the prerequisites for a particular class?

It is recommended that you complete the prerequisites assigned for each class. Pease talk to your faculty advisor if you feel that you meet this requirement through previous work experience or other course work.

Where can I find class schedules?

Quarterly Class Schedules are online. If you have questions about the schedule or the suggested order in which classes should be taken, contact your faculty advisor, Rex Jacobsen.

Can I apply for multiple degree or certificates at graduation?

Yes. If you meet the requirements for your degree or certificate, then you can request both at the time of your application.

How can I find more about the Accounting degree and certificates program?

You can browse through our Accounting pages, email the faculty advisor, or ask a general advisor at the Kirkland campus.

How do I check my progress toward my degree?

You can run a Degree Audit to find a list of courses that you have not yet met the requirements for through the LionsLink Student View

Where can I go for advising?

You can visit the Advising Office at the main campus, West Building, W207 for general advising questions or you can make an appointment with your faculty advisor, Rex Jacobsen for program-related questions.