Video Services and Guidelines

Video Services

  • Filming/Video Production: currently, Communications and Marketing provides very limited filming and video services due to its work capacity. Video production typically occurs on the LWTech Kirkland campus. If you would like a video produced by the department, please submit a Marketing Request form
  • Video Posting/Hosting and Captioning: if you have a video that was produced by your team or externally and would like to have it posted somewhere on the website, please submit a Marketing Request form. For accessibility compliance, captions are required on all videos posted on the website. If you are able, please provide a transcript document or caption files (example: .srt) with your video. However, if one is not avaiable, our department will be able to generate captions for your video. Note all videos posted on the website, are hosted via the LWTech YouTube channel

Video Filming, Brand, and Accessibility Guidelines

Depending on the individual needs and requirements, employees/departments may opt to create their own videos. In the case where videos will be posted to the LWTech public facing website/LWTech YouTube channel, the following are guidelines that all videos should adhere to for brand and accessibility compliance.

Self-Filming Guidelines

  • If filming with a phone, make sure to film in horizontal orientation
    • Clean camera lens before filming
  • Film in a well-lit area, and make sure the background/setting is relatively clean
  • Show general enthusiasm! (look presentable, speak loudly/clearly, try to smile at the camera)
  • Attire
    • Avoid wearing clothing with branding. Stick to simple colors and patterns.
    • Ensure your attire is appropriate
  • Only refer to the college by "Lake Washington Institute of Technology," "LWTech," or "Lake Washington Tech."
    • DO NOT refer to the college as "LWIT."

Motion Graphics/Text/Visual Transitions

  • All text and graphics should have high contrast from the background.
    • Font style:
      • bold, big, solid—no gradients
      • White, black, LWTech Blue
      • Subtle outer glow for pop (ex: rich black glow to make white text pop)
      • Preferred font: Futura Std; Better font: Myriad Pro; Accepted font: Arial
      • No outline on text or heavy drop-shadowing
    • Placement:
      • Text and graphics should be placed in the “negative” spaces of the frame
      • Never cover human body parts, especially faces
      • Avoid placement over central focal areas of frame (e.g. frame showing a student doing work on the computer --> don’t cover up the monitor/screen in that frame)
  • LWTech Logo
    • All official versions of the LWTech logo may be access via the Brand Center Logo page.
      • Logo used should come from an official file, either downloaded from the Brand Center Logo page or supplied directly from Communications & Marketing.
      • Logo should never be a screenshot from any source or downloaded from any other source.
      • Logo should adhere to all guidelines provided in the Brand Center Logo page.
      • Do not use full color logo on busy or dark backgrounds, use the white logo and apply subtle outer glow for pop (ex: rich black glow to make the white pop)
    • Alternative versions of logos can ONLY be used with direct permission from and provided by the LWTech Communications & Marketing Department.
    • If text includes the full Lake Washington Institute of Technology, or the abbreviated LWTech name in the title bar (see Lower Thirds for more information on usage), just the logo mark (the graphic of the logo) may be used
  • Lower Thirds
    • If logo is used alongside text, then the logo should always appear to the left of text
      • Logo should have space all the way around it: from edges and from text
    • Name of college should not be repeated in text, if name appears in the logo
    • Text should have high contrast from background.
  • College Name
    • The college name should always appear as the official full name or the official acronym name:
      • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
      • LWTech (LWT is always uppercase)
    • College URL
      • College URL is (LWT is always uppercase) and bold


  • Background music should not overpower people’s voices
  • All speech should be heard clearly and concisely
  • If possible, the exact transcript should be provided for captioning
  • All copyrighted music must have permission for use.