Page 5 - 2016-2017 LWTech Student Handbook
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Elisabeth Sorensen, LWTech Foundation Executive Director
Dear Friends,
Another inspirational year!
It’s an honor and a privilege to continue to serve as executive director of the Foundation. Every day I see the incredible impact of your generous gifts, particularly in the areas of student scholarships, program support, and the student emergency fund. I have the
• Providing support for instructional programs, such as equipment, materials and special projects to enhance student learning.
• The student emergency fund provides students with emergency financial assistance in crisis situations, enabling them to pursue their academic and career goals also significantly improves student completion.
• 54% of students who receive the emergency grant go on to earn a degree or certificate in their program of study.
• 90% of students who receive an emergency grant go on to successfully complete that quarter of school. This is well above the average student enrollment.
Clearly, the power of scholarships and student support is undeniably positive and long-lasting. Thank you very much for investing in our students and community through the Foundation.
opportunity to meet with our scholarship recipients and they consistently tell me how appreciative they are of the support they receive. On behalf of these scholarship winners, thank you!
Here are some of the ways your donations are making a difference in the lives of LWTech students:
• Overall, 37% of LWTech students complete their program within a six-year time frame. However, 86% of Foundation scholarship recipients complete or remain enrolled working toward graduation within the same six-year time period.
• The larger the award ($1,000 and up) the more likely a student is to complete their program.

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