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A Message from the President of Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Dr. Amy Morrison Goings, LWTech President
There’s something about being surrounded by industry and innovation. Within just
a few miles of the college, companies like Astronics, Boeing, EvergreenHealth, Google, Microsoft, Terex, and Synrad are changing the future of not just our region, but the world. As these companies, and thousands more, are creating regional economic growth, they look to
The launch of our Smart Start self-placement assessment program in math and English allows students to review their results and choose their own placement, rather than have it imposed on them. This innovative, faculty-led process will also empower students to pick the Math and English course that’s best for them.
The college also spent the past year developing new Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees. LWTech now offers eight* BAS degrees, which is more than any other technical college in the state. This year alone, we added three new BAS degrees in Dental Hygiene, IT Application Development – Computing & Software Development, and Digital Gaming & Interactive Media, with more in the pipeline.
The development of these new degrees is in direct response to our local industry needs for employees with higher-level skills and knowledge to compete in the global economy, and ultimately, bridge the skills gap in the state.
We’re excited about the future of the college. I invite you to come to campus to see this work firsthand. Tour our labs and see our students in action. Learn how you can support our students through the LWTech Foundation (Foundation) by providing scholarships, advocating
on behalf of the college, or by providing internships or joining one of our advisory committees.
With appreciation,
* As this publication was going to press, LWTech received news from the NWCCU that two more BAS degrees in Behavioral Health and Funeral Services Education have been approved. LWTech now offers eight BAS degrees.
Washington’s community and technical colleges for skilled employees who are up-to-date on the latest technologies.
I’m proud to say that hundreds of industry leaders serve on our advisory committees. These executives help shape our programs, develop internship opportunities for our students, and, in many cases, hire our graduates.
Even as we work together to build the workforce of tomorrow, a statewide skills gap still exists.
The Washington Roundtable says that, of the 740,000 job openings in the next five years, more than half of those openings will require a college certificate or degree. Most of these jobs will be filled with workers who have postsecondary education and training.
That education and training takes place at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) every day. Over the past year, the college has developed innovative programs, like the use of Open Educational Resources, which reduces costs for students, including textbooks, that typically add another 50% to the cost of attending college.

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