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The college will continue work on other federal grants in 2017-2018, including:
• Future Tech Stars NSF S-STEM scholarship program (DUE 1458583)
• Photonics Technology program Funded by NSF ATE 1502032)
• Department of Education programs:
• TRiO - Student Support Services
(P042A150150 and P042A150152)
• Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (CEVSS) (P116G150117)
Beyond federal grants, the college is funded by private foundations including:
• Achieving the Dream (ATD)
• Open Educational Resources Initiative
• College Spark Washington (College Spark) • Smart Start Student Welcome Center
Strategic Plan
LWTech is preparing to implement the new 2017- 2020 Strategic Plan. A summary of the past plan and steps to date for the upcoming plan are provided in the following text:
Background: Fall 2013-2017 Strategic Plan
The college community developed this plan after
a year of in-depth work across campus. Following implementation, LWTech embarked on a process to assess and reflect upon the included goals and strategies. The Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee (IPEC) coordinated this work while tracking performance of the plan through 2016-2017. The dashboard can be found here:
Planning for the 2017-2020 Plan
Development of the 2017-2020 plan began in January
of 2017. Members of Executive Cabinet agreed with the recommendation and spent winter quarter brainstorming goals and strategies across their departments. In March
of 2017, the Cabinet members drafted a transitional plan with the assistance of a volunteer facilitator, followed by extensive vetting of the plan. This included feedback from students, faculty, staff, and various internal and external groups, such as College Council, the Foundation Board, and the EDI Council, 29 meetings in all. In April, the college community reviewed the next draft through All-Staff meetings and open forums, while Instructional Advisory Committees shared feedback at the annual advisory appreciation dinner. The Board of Trustees approved the final plan at their September 11, 2017 meeting.
Next Steps – 2017-2020 Strategic Plan
Following approval by the Board of Trustees, the 2017- 2020 Strategic Plan will guide LWTech’s campus initiatives over the next three years. IPEC will again develop
a performance monitoring system for the plan and welcomes input from across the college community. Similar to its predecessor, the plan is intended to be a responsive guide to support student success and college activities across campus.
The Strategic Plans are available for review at

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