Institutional identity is critically important to our efforts to communicate the mission, goals, and activities of LWTech. To create a strong, recognizable brand, consistent application of identity across all applications is essential. Applications include, but are not limited to, corporate communications, stationary, printed materials, signage, transportation, social media, and the website. The arrangement of the logo elements has been carefully designed to work across a wide range of applications and must not be altered in any way.

LWTech uses one logo to strengthen our identity and public image. While each office, department or program may be special, all are part of the same entity and, therefore, share the same logo.

The Logo Design

Our identity consists of a logo made up of a logotype (our name expressed in a specified typography) and a logomark (symbol) that is taken from an architectural detail in the East Building just outside the cafeteria area. It is important that our logo is used in a consistent fashion, as it is the central identifier for LWTech and the foundation for all visual communications.

Futura STD Heavy is the foundational font used to accompany the LWTech symbol (see Typefaces/Fonts). No substitutions are allowed.

Except when approved by Communications & Marketing (C&M), the symbol is not be used in isolation and is to be accompanied only with the logotype (our name) in the exact relationships seen on the logo page. Every effort must be made to assure that this representation of LWTech is crisp, professional, unaltered, and consistent.


The LWTech logo is trademarked and should not be altered in any way by stretching, skewing, or cutting apart to change the size relationship. The logo must be scaled proportionally to maintain visual integrity and the TM must be present and visible, and include the following legal text:

  • For LWTech only logo (including program/department logos and seals): Lake Washington Institute of Technology, LWTech, and its logo mark are trademarks of Lake Washington Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.
  • For LWTech Lions logo: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, LWTech, its logo mark; Lake Washington Lions and its Lion are trademarks of Lake Washington Institute of Technology. All rights reserved.

There are two acceptable versions of the logo: the longform and the abbreviated bug. Both include the logotype and the logomark and cannot be altered without express permission of C&M. These logos in different acceptable color variations of LWTech Blue/Yellow, Black, and White are available as a downloadable packet.

Logo Lockups (Downloads)

The longform logo is the foundation of the brand umbrella and sometimes includes other brand entities such as the Statement Mark, URL, both the Statement Mark and URL, and Program Names to create branded lockups. When these other entities are included, a separator line is included in these lockups. These logos are not to be modified, are included in the trademark, and should visibly include the TM with legal text.

View and Download Logos

If you need assistance scaling a logo, obtaining a specific size and/or format, or are uncertain about our trademark, please contact C&M as soon as possible.

How to Use the Logo

The identity should be reproduced directly from images provided on the Brand Center or, if sending a piece to a professional printer, from C&M. Be certain to use the correct format for the project. GIF, JPG, and PNG images work best for the web and TIF and EPS images often work best for print.

  • The logo should not be reproduced from a copy or from previously printed material.
  • The logo should never be used as a part of a headline, title, or within text.

Acronyms and Initials

Logos and identities based in acronyms or initials are no longer supplied, created, or endorsed. Program logos are created with the complete name of the program as referenced by the collegeโ€™s college's catalog, as the official source of program naming conventions.

Custom Logos for Programs and Departments

Custom logos for Programs and Departments that deviate from the official brand are prohibited per institute policy. Graphics, symbols, and icons unique to entities within LWTech may not be used as dominant, freestanding elements resembling a logo. These are considered visual elements and may only be used with expressed permission from C&M, and must be subordinate to the LWTech or LWTech Program logo; never for sole representation of LWTech or its programs.

Logo Placement and Usage

Logo Placement

The logo should be placed in a position of moderate dominance and have established clear space around the logo so that it is not crowded and is easily found and read.

Example of logo placement minimum space  Example of logo placement minimum spaceLWTech Lions logo distance layout example

A consistently applied identity presents an easily recognized, positive image of LWTech. Shown below are a number of examples of correct applications of the LWTech identity. Note the consistent relationship of logo size to logotype size.

LWTech logo example diagramLWTech logo example diagram

LWTech logo bug example diagram


Note the acceptable color variations below.

LWTech acceptable logo color variations LWTech acceptable logo color variations LWTech acceptable logo color variations

 LWTech Lions acceptable logo color variations LWTech Lions acceptable logo color variations LWTech Lions acceptable logo color variations

Unacceptable Usage of the LWTech Logo

The samples below show several different examples of unacceptable usage of the LWTech identity. Note the principles of consistency, contrast and readability, which have been compromised here.