Images, Photography, and Iconography

Imagery is an important part of communicating the spirit of the LWTech brand. Imagery is used to evoke emotions and provide visual information.

Photo Library

LWTech imagery is used digitally, in print, and could even be enlarged for nine-foot tall wall murals. When taking photos, use at the highest quality and size possible and supply in .jpg, .png, .tif, or .psd formats. Photos from smartphones should ideally be in the high quality setting; photos from cameras should be at least 300 dpi, at least 4x6 inches minimum. While the magic of the moment happens without warning sometimes, external branding should be avoided as much as possible (turn the cup around or remove the cup from the scene for example).

New! Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Check our new branded virtual backgrounds for Zoom!

Photo Shoots

Professional Photo Shoots

While adhering to the six requirements above for the college brand, Communications & Marketing (C&M) hosts regularly scheduled professional photo shoots to highlight a small number of programs, their students, and the LWTech community at-large. Programs are selected by several factors including: lack of existing photos, need-base, standards-base updating (e.g. monitors in labs were all updated over the summer), new program creation, and classroom session availability according to the photo shoots schedule. Photo shoots of this nature are costly, therefore we cannot capture as much as we would like or as often.

Photography by Communications & Marketing

To help strengthen LWTech’s image library, C&M also photographs some events, some classes, and encourages others in the college to capture our awesome college and its thriving community. Please use the marketing request form to to request photography an event or in a classroom.

Consent and the Release Form

Get Consent to Take the Picture and the Release Form to Use It

All photos of students require student consent and release. Underage students must have written parental permission as well. Photo release forms on the C&M Consent & Release Forms page. Copies of all releases must be filed with C&M along with a representation of the photo they’re in for reference. The related images should also be shared with C&M for further marketing efforts and to build the college’s image library.

Please note that while C&M makes every effort in accuracy and cleaning up images before distribution, sometimes we may miss a "famously branded coffee cup."

See Consent & Release Forms page

Non-LWTech Image Use

Using a non-LWTech image must comply with copyright regulations. If you do not know if the college owns an image, or if you have not been granted express (trackable) permission to use an image, do not use it.

All images are like pieces of artwork and more than likely have copyrights, licenses, royalties. To use another person’s or organization's art legally, you need to buy the license.

Questions about copyright can be clarified by C&M and also by LWTech’s amazing library staff. For more information, please see the library webpage.


Icons have been created for Schools/Areas of Study to use as supporting graphics. These are to be used in conjunction with the LWTech logo and not in place of official LWTech branding. Currently there are 8 icons.

You can download each individual icon by right clicking on each image and selecting "Save As" or download all icons together using the link below. 

School of buisiness icon School of Business with name label School of Business

School of Design and applied arts icon School of design and applied arts icon with label School of Design & Applied Arts

School of Education icon School of Education icon with label  School of Education

School of Engineering and Manufacturing arts icon School of Engineering and Manufacturing icon with label  School of Engineering and Manufacturing

School of Health Sciences arts icon  School of Health Sciences icon with label  School of Health Sciences

School of IT arts icon School of IT icon with label  School of IT

School of Transportation Technology arts icon School of Transportation Technology icon with label School of Transportation Technology

Download All Icons (Zip)

See Color Palette for related tertiary (school) color schemes.