The typeface/font plays an important role in the brand for LWTech. It is the written and read voice of LWTech and must reflect the same values and identity that LWTech embraces. The voice, much like the visuals, must be consistent to the brand to create a relatable identity.

Primary Typefaces

LWTech has adopted the use of the following sans serif typefaces for official use in print and digital: Futura STD, Myriad Pro, and Arial. These typefaces have been selected for their wide range of weights, obliques, condensed forms, versatility of languages, glyphs, and for excellent legibility.

Arial font family is the most universally available, so if you don’t have at least that, seek out help with Information Technology Services. The typefaces are ranked in terms of preference and availability (most to least; left to right below).


The LWTech website uses Google webfont Roboto font family with a fall back to the browser's default sans-serif font. These fonts should only be used on the website. These are pre-programmed styles within our website. Web editors need not worry about setting the font style, nor should they be modifying font styles when editing web pages.

About Futura

Use of Futura

Only the Futura typeface (in this document the typeface Futura includes families Futura, Futura STD, Futura PT) is the foundational font used to accompany the LWTech symbol. Futura STD Heavy typeface is used in the LWTech logos and logotype (see Logos). Additionally, Futura STD Medium can only be used in the LWTech Program logos. No other typeface(s) can be used as a branded representation of LWTech in this way.

The Futura typeface is representative of LWTech for the following reasons:

  1. To complement the complex geometry of LWTech’s logo graphic, Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface, based on geometric shapes, especially roundness of the circle
  2. It is a timeless geographic and sans serif typeface that is easily legible, has a lot of flexibility to it in terms of weights, obliques, condensed, languages and math/scientific symbols, and supporting glyphs.
  3. In general, sans serif fonts display better, since the "ticks" and "tails" of serif fonts take up a larger amount of space and are considered not as accessibility friendly for users that may have disabilities such as dyslexia or visual impairments.

Futura, in addition to being the branded typeface for LWTech, is also excellent beyond logos and can be used for display and text. However, neither Communications & Marketing (C&M), nor Information Technology Services distributes this typeface for free, therefore an individual purchase of the license is needed.

Purchasing Futura

If you have the budget and want to use Futura:

  1. Futura STD available in a one-time purchase as part of the Adobe Font Folio, for US $2,999.00 for the whole Adobe Font Folio, which includes the Futura STD (it’s like buying Futura STD and getting 2,380 other fonts for free!)
  2. Futura PT is available through paid Adobe subscriptions: “Portfolio”. “Performance”, and “Business” plans of Adobe Typekit. “Portfolio” plans of Typekit are also included in some Creative Cloud subscriptions.*
    *According to Adobe System Requirements: A Typekit Portfolio plan with the full font library for web and sync use is included with:
    1. A paid monthly or annual Creative Cloud All Apps subscription;
    2. Each seat of a Creative Cloud team subscription;
    3. A Portfolio, Performance, or Business stand-alone Typekit plan;
    4. Any single-application Creative Cloud plan (except Adobe Acrobat).
  3. Futura STD can be purchased on its own:
    1. For one time $473 purchase of 42 fonts within the Linotype Futura Font Family.
    2. For one time $450 purchase of 22 fonts within the Futura PT (same as Adobe’s Typekit)

Futura FAQs

Why is it not included with LWTech’s Adobe Creative Suite that I use at work?

The licensing agreement that LWTech has with Adobe for Creative Cloud is an institution-based one, where all faculty, staff, and students enjoying Adobe Creative Cloud via LWTech on-campus for work, are technically signing on through the single entity of LWTech. There is no Portfolio, Performance or Business Typekit plan through the LWTech entity. To gain access to those typekit plans, an individual plan needs to be purchased separately, established, and maintained. 

Why do I need to buy it, can’t C&M just give me a copy of theirs?

Not legally, no. All typefaces are licensed. So to use it legally, you need to buy the license.

What can I use if I can’t use Futura…can I use something that I already have?

Free alternatives for use in print are available, although these are not preferred (see previous section). These include (in preferential order): Myriad Pro and Arial, which are available on most operating systems.