LWTech Brand Color Palette

Color Use

The corporate/primary color for LWTech is LWTech Blue: Pantone 639C. This is the color used for all printed stationary items.

The supporting/secondary color is LWTech Gold: Pantone 1235C and is used with Pantone 639C.

Pantone 1235C (gold) is used for all on-campus printing and most general printing. For special jobs that go to an outside printer, please consult the marketing department, as Pantone 116U (gold) needs to be used when printing on uncoated paper.

College Colors

School Colors (Tertiary Colors)

LWTech Blue and Gold are supported by a complimentary/tertiary color palette representing the 11 different Schools/Areas of study of LWTech.

It is important to remember that the tertiary color palette is just that: a third choice to accent and complement the LWTech blue and gold. An overpowering use of secondary and tertiary colors and color combinations can resemble the brands of other higher education institutions.