Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Frequently Asked Questions

General LionsLink FAQ's

On February 28, 2022, LWTech moved to a new online system called LionsLink powered by ctcLinksfor Student Services, Human Resources, Business Services. All faculty, staff, and students will use LionsLink. This cloud-based software will provide a set of common, mobile-friendly tools for students and staff to manage college business online, such as enrolling for classes, managing courses, processing payroll and more.

As an initiative of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), the new software is called ctcLink—branded at LWTech as LionsLink powered by ctcLink. This software is developed by Oracle and the product is known as PeopleSoft. LionsLink replaces the current 35-plus-year-old administrative system.

There are several online resources students will continue to use.

  • Canvas will be used for all online class management.
  • Legend will be used to track kudos, while working with your academic and faculty advisors.
  • Student LWTech email will still be used to communicate with the college.

We're excited about you wanting to apply and join the LWTech experience! Visit the Get Started webpage and follow the steps.  

If you have already received a ctcLink ID number from another college, you do not need to activate your account or receive a new number. The ctcLink ID number you already have is what you will use at LWTech.

You can look up your ctcLink ID number using the LionsLink Student ID Look up tool.

It is important to know that you can get the same information from either platform, and both are available online using a Chrome or Firefox browser.

Classic View uses a tile layout and is the dashboard used by student employees to report hours worked, and by any student needing screen reader assistance. All students will activate their account in Classic View.

Student View is a menu navigation that is more intuitive to use.

You can learn about the different features of LionsLink in our What You Can and Cannot Do In LionsLink Guide.

Student Account Activation Information

If you already have a 9-digit ctcLink ID number (starts with 101 or 201) from another college in Washington State, you do not need to activate your account or receive a new number. The ctcLink ID number is what you will use at LWTech as well. If you do not remember your ctcLink ID number, you can look it up using the LionsLink Student ID Look up tool.

New Students, your new student ID number will be included in your welcome email from Enrollment Services.  

Current/Returning Students , your old student ID number (SID) can be used to obtain your new student ID number when you activate your LionsLink Powered by ctcLink account. 

Former Students (enrolled any time before 2015),  you will need to reapply to LWTech to obtain your new ctcLink ID. Please visit to get started today!  

If you know you received a ctcLink ID in the past, but you do not remember your ctcLink ID number, you can look up your Student ID using LWTech's LionsLink Student ID Look up tool.

Yes. LWTech student SID and PIN numbers will no longer be used after February 28th, 2022. Instead, you will use your new student ID number and password. 

New students starting Spring quarter 2022 will receive their student ID number in their welcome email. New students still need to activate their LionsLink Powered by ctcLink account. 

Enrolling in Classes

Go to the Class Schedule webpage and click the link button for the quarter you want to view the course schedule.

You can browse the class schedule without logging into LionsLink, but to register to classes, you will need to ensure you are logged into LionsLink.

Go to to the LionsLink Student View Portal and click on ‘ctcLink Login’. Enter your ‘ctcLink ID’ number, and click on the ‘Next’ button. Then enter your ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Click on ‘Schedule’ on the left side navigation bar. Your class schedule will be displayed in the main window area. You can use the ‘Dropdowns’ at the top to view your schedule different ways. Use the ‘Print Icon’ to print your schedule to your printer or as a PDF.

If you believe you have met the requirements to enroll in a class, but are being blocked from enrolling, please visit Enrollment Services for registration assistance.

No. You do not need a permission number for every class. The permission number box will display even if a permission number is not required. It is an optional field. We encourage you to go through the process to register for your courses, and if you need a permission number, the system will inform you after you click the 'Enroll' Button. 

When viewing your account, click on the specific hold (service indicator), to view additional details, including who to contact for assistance. 

Please contact Enrollment Services for registration assistance.

Managing My Academics and Payments

You can learn more about fees collected at time of tuition payments from the Tuition and Fees webpage.

Still having trouble? 

Any questions related to cashiering/student accounts, please forward them to the cashier email at

Visit the Transcripts webpage to order an official transcripts. You can view and print your LWTech unofficial transcript through LionsLink at any time. Detailed steps can be found in this how to guide: View Your Unofficial LWTech Transcript.
No. You will continue to use Legend.
Yes. You can add a preferred email, add an emergency contact to your personal information, and add your preferred name. You do not need to ask anyone at the college to update this information. You now have more control over your information than previously with the old college computer system.

General Troubleshooting

If you forgot your LionsLink password you can reset it. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the ctcLink LionsLink Login page.
  2. Select the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.
  3. Enter your ctcLink ID.
  4. Press the Tab or Enter key on your keyboard.
  5. Your security questions will display. Provide an answer for each security question.
  6. Enter your new Password.
  7. Confirm your new Password.
  8. Click the Submit button.
  9. A pop-up window will confirm that your password has been reset.
  10. Click the OK button.
  11. Click the Close button.
  12. Login into the ctcLink login page with your reset password.

If you continue to experience issues with your password, please submit a helpdesk ticket through the ITS HelpDesk form.

If you encounter browser issues, do one or more of the following:  

Still having trouble?

Please submit a helpdesk ticket through the ITS HelpDesk form.

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