Living Well @LWTech

The purpose of Living Well @LWTech is to assist employees by promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to educate, motivate, and support the LWTech staff in taking charge of their personal health and wellness. Through living a healthy lifestyle, staff will be energized and engaged in the success of the college community.

We define wellness as incorporating these aspects.

LWTech Wellness

  • Physical - Fitness, Nutrition, Medical Health
  • Intellectual - Education, Learning
  • Emotional - Coping, Feelings
  • Social - Interaction, Relationships
  • Occupational - Security, Balance, Fulfillment
  • Spiritual - Values Systems

2021 Summer Employee Wellness Challenge

Summer Wellness Challege Logo/ Text on logo: LWTech Living Well Summer Challnege; We may be separated by distance, but we're getting healthier together!

July 12th - August 6th, 2021

The LWTech Living Well Committee is committed to helping our colleagues achieve balance in their well-being despite the drastic changes to our everyday lives we've experienced in this past year. The 2021 Summer Challenge will run in July and August again this year. This year's challenge is designed to help LWTech employees practice and learn healthy, wellness-based habits in a world transformed.

Participating is simple: Decide what you can do and commit to doing it. We’re here to help.

Check out what the Summer Employee Wellness Series looks like this year!

Here’s How to Sign-up

Hey, No Buts! What?

But…I won’t be here! But…I’m not working Summer quarter! But…I won’t be on campus!

It’s okay! All of the items in the Wellness Program are things you can do on your own wherever you may be! All of the sessions planned will be via Zoom and most can be recorded.

Tracking Points

You will be placed in a Google sheet, which we will send your way, where all of your team members (or you as an individual) can place your own weekly score. The tracking of points is for you to follow this fun summer wellness program and help you stay accountable to yourself!

Win Prizes!

A huge shout of thanks to LWTech Foundation for generously supporting the Summer Wellness Challenge each year by sponsoring the active-participant award prizes! The prizes will be drawn the last day of the series via Zoom.

  • Like last year, it’s not about being the highest scorers! It’s about being “active” in tracking your points. All active teams/individuals will be placed in the drawing:
    • Team: One team will win a $50 gift card per participant in the team draw.
      (Maximum 4 members to a team)
    • Individuals: Three individuals participating will be drawn for a $50 gift card each.

Register as a team or an individual today!

Information about the Living Well Summer 2021 Series can be found on Teams


The Washington State Employee Assistance program has much to offer WA State employees to help bridge areas of concern related to the workplace, including wellness.

Monthly newsletters brought to you by the WA State Employee Assistance Program


All LWTech employees can use the Fitness Center and its equipment at no cost! The center also offers free fitness testing assessments, individualized training, or assistance with gym equipment. The Fitness Center offers showers and clothes lockers to bicyclists and walkers. 

Fitness Center

Committee Members

More Wellness Resources at LWTech