Environmental Stewardship

Recycling and Sustainability

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is committed to being a leader in energy conservation and environmental stewardship. Facilities and Operations actively considers the following in its operations:

  • The fleet vehicles we lease
  • The items we purchase
  • The buildings we build and maintain

We believe that the chemicals we use are important as well. We thoughtfully consider the impact on the environment and our customers (you!) when we select items, from cleaning chemicals, paint products, toilet paper rolls, to the carpet glue.

Sustainability is not only important to our staff, but to our Washington state leaders in Olympia. We, along with all the other Washington state facilities, monitor and report on how much energy we use. This way, we can demonstrate that sustainability is good for our environment and fiscally responsible as well.

We are happy to report that we are currently using less energy today then we did in 2005. This is including adding the Allied Health building to our campus footprint. Efforts such as this can save LWTech over $70,000 in utility bills each year.

You may have noticed composting is available in our Allied Health building and East Mall cafeteria. The culinary departments have worked hard to source compostable food and drink containers, and now you have a place to put them. Composting is key to reducing our carbon footprint. We have estimated that more than 50% of what is thrown out on campus can be composted. Cedar Groveยฎ is an environmental solutions company that takes our compost and turns it into soil. If you are curious about the process, come see us or check out the movie Dirt! from our Library.

Your safety is also important to us, from the air you breathe to the visibility of buildings on campus and cars in the parking lot. During the summer of 2014 we replaced more than 90% of our exterior lighting with LED fixtures. This project saved energy and made the parking lots safer. Travel is also a safety concern for us.

Speaking of travel, have you driven I-405 lately? We can help there as well. We can help staff at LWTech refill the Orca card for bus travel. Students and staff have showers and bike lockers available for those who want to bike to work. Interested in setting up a carpool? We can help with that, too.

You can be part of the solution as well! You can help by:

  • Using less energy and using lighting efficiently
  • Diverting waste
  • Reducing drive-alone miles

Check out additional tips on how you can be helping with sustainability around campus and in your life!