Commute Trip Reduction

LWTech Commute ReductionLake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) supports the goal of the Commute Trip Reduction Law passed in 1991 to:

  • Decrease traffic congestion
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce fuel consumption

The Facilities and Operations office manages commuting options for employees. Commuter information including bus routes, rideshare, and promotions are available on the bulletin board next to the East building elevator. LWTech supports commute alternatives, and provides support to our employees in many ways including free, preferred carpool parking. Passes are available in the Safety and Security office (E145).

  • "Home Free Guarantee" program
    If you carpooled and your ride has to leave for any reason, you don't have to worry about being stranded. Simply take a cab home, and Metro will reimburse you for the ride.
  • Bicycle lockers
    Four enclosed lockers are available on first come, first served basis. Rental is $10 per quarter, with a refundable $10 fee for the key. They are located outside Chef City Grill between the East building and the Technology Center. Apply in E199G in Facilities (aka Campus Services). 
  • The Fitness Center offers showers and gym lockers to bicyclists and walkers. Showers for employees are also available on the first floor of the Allied Health Building in A113 and A114. 
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations (2)       
    EV charging stations are located in the parking lot under the Technology Center building and requires a Blink card. See charging station for more information. 
  • Fleet passenger vehicles (2) are available to employees and students for state business travel.
    • Two 12-passenger vans
  • Online Services:
    • TRIP Planner
    • Rideshare Online is a free online self-serve ride matching service. In a matter of minutes, day or night, it helps you find others who want to carpool or vanpool and have a similar commute. 
    • Commuter Van? Want to start a vanpool? Recruit riders and Contact Jason Halvorson at (206) 477-3942.

For More Information: Employee Transportation Coordinator: Heidi Davis, E199G, x8218.