Statement from Vice President of Instruction

June 2, 2020 
Sent to LWTech Office of Instruction staff

Dear Faculty, (I-Team and ISTs cc’d)

There are no words to describe the hate, fear, sadness and dismay that arises every time a black person is targeted for the color of their skin. It has happened, again, in the most destructive way with the murder of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of a white police officer, while three other officers either joined in or stood by.

I am so proud of LWTech’s Community of Belonging. Yet, despite our strength, we must also do better to assure the work we do in and out of the classroom helps to eliminate violent acts like these in the future – through awareness and action.

There will be college-wide actions and efforts coming our way. I also look forward to working with you to find ways we can do more to live our Community of Belonging, specifically in the classroom.

In the short-term, please be aware of your students who may be hurting right now. It might be hard to tell, through zoom. Please reach out to your black students and offer to be a support; help see them through to the end of the quarter. I know our team of faculty are caring, compassionate and supportive for all students. Our black students need to hear that from you, their teachers.

Please let me know if you or your students need anything. I will help.


Suzanne Ames, Ed.D. 
Vice President of Instruction 
Lake Washington Institute of Technology