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Library Learning Commons (LLC) Mission

The LLC values, respects, and celebrates a diverse community of LWTech students, staff, and faculty. We offer collections, resources, and services which encourage exploration and discovery in order to prepare lifelong learners for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities.

LLC Vision

  • To be your pathway to success through exploration, discovery and innovation.

Our commitment to our college community motivates our daily decisions and actions towards achieving success in the following areas:

  • Envision the LLC as the physical and virtual intellectual center of campus, providing innovative spaces to house relevant resources.
  • Encourage and guide the community to seek, question, evaluate, embrace and share information effectively, efficiently and ethically.
  • Promote information exploration that empowers the community to harness their existing skills, interests, passions and abilities to propel them towards their educational and intellectual goals.
  • Support growth and development of current and new academic programs through staff, services, and resources to make LWTech the college of choice for students exploring new pathways in employment and careers.
  • Instruct the college community in ways that align with program outcomes and goals but are inclusive of student input in order to promote their educational retention at LWTech and their mastery of information literacy concepts.
  • Collaborate with college departments and staff to develop forward-thinking, student-centered relationships and programs.
  • Provide resources, services and environments that engage the community in intellectual pursuits.
  • Provide the information resources, technologies, and expert staff to support the Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s teaching, learning, and research activities.
  • Provide immediate access to print and electronic collections that serve the needs of all users both on and off campus.