Associate Transfer Degrees

At Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) in Kirkland, WA, all of our degrees transfer to a applied bachelor’s degree program, here or at another 4-year college or university. The Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degrees are built upon the technical courses that prepare students for jobs in specific industries. The requirements of this degree are created largely by the people in industry who serve on Advisory Committees here at LWTech. They also contain academic core requirements, like Math and English, which can be met by taking specified college-level classes that are all transferable. While designed to meet the demands of workforce, these degrees also transfer to applied bachelor’s programs here at LWTech and to colleges and universities that have articulation agreements with LWTech.

Associate in Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) Degrees Offered at LWTech

The AAS-T degree must contain a minimum of 20 credits of generally transferable academic core courses including: written communication (ENGL& 101) (5cr.); quantitative reasoning (any generally transferable math course with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite) (5cr.); social science (5cr.); and humanities (5cr.). To submit an application for an AAS-T degree, a minimum of 30% of the technical credits must be earned in residence. A minimum passing numeric grade (2.0 or higher) in each course that receives a numeric grade, and a cumulative average of 2.0 in all courses, is required for the AAS-T degree.